Monday, March 28, 2011

New Cape

Lollipop cape, Red Berry suede shorts, Angel Biba shirt

I'm one of those crazy people ( and I know that there are others out there!) who fantasise about items of clothing, almost willing them into existence. Now it's not very likely that these imaginary hallowed items actually materialise BUT when they do the feeling is unexplainably brilliant!

When I spied this cape in a store I literally had to force my body from jumping on the spot and waving my arms in the air. I'm so sad!

But it is l.o.v.e! 80%, toggles (!) hood, just the right length and the most perfect browny/khaki colour.



Bonsai said...

Those shorts are really cute! It seems from a quick flick through your blog that you are very into capes and toggles. I have a coat that has toggles and a cape collar sort of thing. I love summer, but looking at your blog makes me excited for winter.

LH said...

Amazing coat!
So jealous but for some reason, I feel like I won't suit toggles.


alchemy said...

Thanks for your comments!

Bonsai, it was only after scrolling through the outfits I posted that I realised what a toggle fiend I am!

LH I am sure you could wear toggles :)

mashi said...

I LOVE YOUR CAPE! If I may, where did you get it from?

It's gorgeous and you've teamed it so well with the blouse and shorts. Perfect for autumn

alchemy said...

Thanks Mashi! It was purchased at Madison Avenue in Chadstone :)

aelie said...

LOVE this outfit! Your posts on the 'what I'm wearing' thread always sound so amazing, so I'm so happy you've started blogging! Now following xx

holly said...

hello there cape lover!
nice to meet you. i'm following.