Friday, April 8, 2011

Fashion Victim

supre tank, cheapie jeans, red berry shirt, sportsgirl shoes

Never in my life did I imagine that I would ever be double denim'ing it. Much less with clogs!

But as while I'm still young, I figure I should embrace all that is fun while I still can. Hopefully my mind isn't playing tricks on me and I didn't just spend the whole of today looking like a complete fashion victim! Oh well.
I needed to get some wear out of these clogs anyway and they provided a pop of colour, along with my lipstick:

revlon strawberry suede matte lipstick

In other news, I'm off to the football tonight! Super excited, can't wait to soak up the atmosphere of the MCG. Carlton vs. Collingwood games always deliver!


aelie said...

Your double denim looks great! Love your lipstick, and your hair is so pretty! xx

Jo said...

The high waist jeans go so well with the clogs! Outfit love!


LH said...

Love the lipstick picture. Want to look for a red/coral one for myself but too scared that I end up looking like a clown.

You have amazing pictures of yourself.